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Breakfast Menu

Online orders and delivery service are not available on Sundays and Public Holidays.
If you wish to order on these days, call 945-1915 for pick-up only.


7 am – 11:30 am (Monday to Friday)

7 am – 12 noon (Saturday)

8 am – 3 pm (Sunday All-day Breakfast) 

Note: All prices are in KYD (Cayman Dollars)


  • ICOA Almond Croissant $5.00
  • Croissant $4.00
  • Cinnamon Roll $4.00
  • Blueberry & Cream Cheese Muffin $4.00
  • Pain Au Chocolat $4.50

Breakfast Bowls

  • Seasonal Fruit Salad (GF) (DF) (V) $8.50

    Pineapple. Berries. Honeydew. Cantaloupe. Agave Syrup

  • Seven's Old Fashioned Oatmeal (VG) $9.50

    Banana. Strawberry. Oatmeal. Brown Sugar. Milk

  • Almond Overnight Oats (V) (DF) $10.00

    Banana. Berries. Chia seeds. Vanilla. Almond milk. Maple syrup

  • Granola (VG) $10.50

    Toasted oats. Coconut. Seed & nuts. Greek yogurt. Seasonal fruit. Honey


  • English Breakfast $17.00

    English bacon. Sausage. Heinz baked beans. Hashbrown. Mushroom. Grilled tomato. Fried egg. Toast

  • American Breakfast $15.00

    Crispy bacon. Scrambled egg. Hashbrown. Homemade pancakes

  • Keto Meal (GF) (DF) $17.00

    Roast Sous Vide beef. Fried egg. Broccoli. Avocado. Chimichurri

  • Icoa's Eggs Benedict $14.50

    Crispy bacon. Poached eggs. Mushroom. Leeks. Hollandaise sauce. Toast

  • Shakshuka (DF)(VG) $14.00

    "Tunisian Huevos Rancheros" Fried eggs. Tomato & pepper stew. Jalapeño. Cilantro. Toast

  • Hashbrown Deluxe $15.00

    Hashbrown. Bacon. Poached egg. Hollandaise sauce. Parsley

  • Vegan Breakfast Plate (DF)(V) $17.00

    Scrambled “eggless” ackee. Roasted potato. 100% plant based impossible burger. Tomato confit

On Toast


Omelette Corner

  • Ham & Cheese $14.00

    Ham. Swiss cheese. Scallions. Toast

  • Bacon & Mushroom $14.00

    Bacon. Mushroom. Scallions. Toast

  • Veggie Deluxe (VG) $15.00

    Tomato. Mushrooms. Bell peppers. Feta cheese. Spinach. Onion. Avocado. Toast

  • Smoked Salmon $16.00

    Red onion. Smoked salmon. Arugula. Parmesan cheese. Swiss cheese Romesco sauce. Toast